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PVC, Polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic polymer that is used to coat the outside of gloves in order to provide protection from chemicals, punctures, cuts and abrasion. This variety of protective gloves are used in a number of job fields to protect from various potential hazards. The types of PVC gloves include safety gloves, medical gloves, lab gloves and industrial gloves.

PVC safety gloves are worn by warehouse workers, farmers, agriculturists, construction workers and commercial fisherman to protect their hands from the cold weather, possible puncture wounds and abrasions.

In order for PVC gloves to provide the ultimate protection, they must fit properly. Gloves that are to large will permit chemicals to enter through the cuffs, or slip off during use. Gloves that are too small are likely to tear, or not fully cover the hand, leaving it exposed to chemicals, heat or sharp objects. A properly fitting glove will fit snugly, but still allow the user to make a fist. The gloves should be worn for the job in which they were designed.

Rough Finish, Interlock Lined

Rough Finish, Jersey Lined

Sandy Finish, Interlock Lined

Sandy Finish, Jersey Lined

Smooth Finish, Interlock Lining

Foam/Jersey Lined