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Controlled Descent Devices

The descent device can be used with a full body harness or Bos'n chair, along with an appropriate fall arrest system. Used on a single 7/16" (11 mm) piece of approved rope (at any length), the operator can install the device at any point along the rope. As the lever on the device is moved, friction on the rope decreases and the device will descend. As a protective measure, when the control lever is unintentionally fully pressed or fully released, as in a panic situation, the friction increases and the descent is automatically stopped.

The controlled descent device can also be inverted and attached to the anchor, to be operated by rescue personnel, to lower another individual. The system comes in standard length increments of 50'.


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199-50 - Manually Operated Controlled Descent Device 50 FT
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199-100 - Manually Operated Controlled Descent Device 100 FT
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199-200 - Manually Operated Controlled Descent Device
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